Punch The Sun is an alt-rock band based in Astoria, Queens - a neighborhood of NYC that has the grit and relevance of Manhattan, minus the pretense and sprinkled with a dose of neighborly chit-chat. Therein lies the metaphor, and indeed the particular charm and energy of a band whose sound has been described as “Lady Weezer.” PTS is equal parts noise and sensitivity, with introspective lyrics and irreverent shout choruses, revelling in dancy anti-man-splaining anthems, dreamy thunderstorm ballads, and yellin’ about guys named Steve.

The idiosyncratic pop songs of PTS are steeped in self-reflection and sarcasm, yearning for the answers from life more than love, underlining what our daily experiences feel like rather than simply telling what they are. Easy, catchy hooks are underscored with the kind of complex chord progressions that only a recovering jazz musician could dream up.

Punch The Sun is a high five wrapped in a debate wrapped in a comforter. (Wrapped in a tortilla. We eat a lot of burritos.) Always busy, PTS plays live shows in-and-out of NYC regularly, with on-going production of recorded tracks and constant, constant songwriting. Life affords much inspiration. Coming soon to a venue in your neighborhood.


“‘Character’ by Punch The Sun has definitely raised the bar for the alternative genre.” - Tongue Tied Magazine

“Whilst the band’s music can certainly be contained within the alt-rock genre, it also features elements of grunge, jazz, and the blues – making for one colossal sound!” - York Calling

“As a whole, the song powers it’s listeners with a sort of angst that’s only found by expressive arrangements and powerful rock chords. Fans of early Foo Fighters and Tori Amos will gravitate instantly to Punch The Sun’s discography.” - Get Some Magazine

Singles (released 2018)

EPs (released under Shannon Söderlund)