Meredith Rose and I were so excited about our show on March 29th that we had to make a song about it. Check it out:

AXS Interview with Shannon

I spent some time this week answering questions from Carol Banks Weber of AXS, and she pulled it all in to a fabulous article. "[...] Shannon Söderlund doesn’t really sound like anyone else out there. She sounds like herself, with a vibrant-girl-next-door voice that seems to go on forever, singing as if she’s dancing around the room, inviting everyone else to join in. It’s embraceable, endearing music you can’t help mentally playing in a loop."

Check it out here!

you heard it right: new music

Why hello, lovely friends, family, and fans! You may have already noticed this from some of the rumblings on Facebook and instagram, but I'd like to make the news official: I'm recording a whole new EP!! It's true! And I'd like to tell you a bit about it, with the help of some questions from the "public."

Q. What are the deets? Name, release date, etc? A. I'm calling this little baby "innocent heart," which is pulled from the lyrics of the song "Low," one of the feature tracks. We're hoping to release it in mid/late September (details on a release show coming soon). Perhaps the most exciting detail is that every single song on this EP is an ORIGINAL, written by my very own self! (One of them may or may not be all about kitties. Consider yourself warned.) We've been recording since about the beginning of June, and really, honestly, we can't wait to share it with you.

Q. Who is "we?" A. I'm thrilled about the cast of characters who have helped create this music. Andrew Söderlund and Campbell Youngblood-Petersen are heading up production and recording, bless their hearts. Performers include Andrew and Campbell, as well as Javi Santiago, Michael Brownell, Ryan Messina, and, on one special track, Phil Servati. Oh, and myself. Right.

Q. When can we see you play this music? What a great question! ;) We'll be performing on August 8th, 8pm, at SingleCut Beersmiths in Astoria, and on August 23rd, 10pm, at Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg - click on the links or check the calendar for details. We're lining up more fall dates, as well, and will share them as soon as we're able.

Keep an eye out on social media for more of-the-moment updates, and we'll let y'all know once we're done with this baby.

(guys, I'm so excited.)

Love to you all, Shannon