Shannon is a Pacific Northwest Minister’s daughter transplanted to New York City. Both her songwriting and performance aesthetic reveal the playful and soulful duality between her wholesome upbringing singing in her family’s band and the visceral, urban energy that comes from the NYC experience. Pop-forward hooks are layered with feel-good bluesy grooves and complex jazz texture. With a voice that harkens to the golden age of the crooner, Shannon sings about life: love and loss, pets and workweeks. She performs in duo, trio, quartet and full-band settings in and around New York City, and recently released an EP of original compositions titled Innocent Heart.


Praise for Shannon & Innocent Heart

“While small in stature, Shannon bowled the crowd over with her powerful voice.”
-Lesley Keller, Pancakes and Whiskey
“…Shannon Söderlund doesn’t really sound like anyone else out there. She sounds like herself, with a vibrant-girl-next-door voice that seems to go on forever, singing as if she’s dancing around the room, inviting everyone else to join in. It’s embraceable, endearing music you can’t help mentally playing in a loop.”
-Carol Banks Weber, AXS.com




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